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Voices Needed!

Posted by Cowan Mill Church on January 8, 2009
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It’s been a while since we’ve had a choir at Cowan Mill Church, but after the Christmas Musical we’ve seen a renewed interest and passion. We are looking to eventually have several music choirs…. youth, children’s, (senior) adult, along with an ensemble/praise team, and then a mass choir consisting of all of the groups singing together. But for now (whew!) we are aiming towards just having an Ensemble/Praise Team of maybe 5-10 people.

If you have any interest in singing music, then come on and give it a try! Remember, any noise is a joyful noise as unto the Lord. We say to those who think or believe that they can’t sing well enough (or at all) for a choir, to trust us when we tell you that if you put your heart into it and if you practice, then you’ll sound great!

“I’m not convinced.” That’s okay, Thomas was a doubter, too! For those who don’t feel comfortable with music or singing, who’s maybe interested in the theory itself, for those just starting off in any of our choirs, to those who may just want to brush up on their skills, or for whatever other reasons, we are considering on offering a Music Theory** “course” which will basically help you to understand music and vocals (singing) [better]. This “course” isn’t mandatory, but it is open to anyone (the inexperienced and the experienced, both). All in all, what we mean to say is that whether you know it all, know some of it, or know nothing at all, you’re invited to join with us and sing!

Let Tom, Jimmy, or Andrew know if you’re interest!

**Music Theory is the study of how music is put together and works.

Older Posts

Posted by Cowan Mill Church on November 14, 2008
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10/13/2008 — Sorry for the bland layout. Since our website is still practically brand new, it will be a little while before we’re fully up and running. Most important is to build up our content but we’re also working on a cool, new-age website layout. Be sure that you have Flash installed in case we use it. Thanks a lot and check back soon!

Do you have Adobe Flash?  (test if you have it or download it here)


10/28/2008 — We’re still coming up with a layout (or template) for the CMC website. For now, I’ve come up with a couple sample (but usable) ides for our official online logo banner. I’ll post them up for you to see and later we’ll have a form where you can choose your favorite of the two. As always, if you have any ideas for the layout or for a logo banner, you can contact John or myself.

Banner 1 | Banner 2


11/30/2008 — I’ve got another layout up. It’s a better design than the other one is in contrast with the CMC logo. This one will stay up till after the new year when focus for a more detailed layout can be invested in.


Posted by Cowan Mill Church on November 13, 2008
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We had a WONDERFUL turnout at Homecoming on November 2. A lot of exciting music, some good ol’ preaching from former pastor Glenn Clonts, and a LOT of food along with fellowship. We hope that you were able to come and worship and fellowship with us all. If you didn’t make it to Homecoming, just come on and join us this Sunday and Wednesday night!

New Blog

Posted by Cowan Mill Church on November 13, 2008
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Blogging is nearly essential in the intellectual age now days. For those who are not familiar with blogging, it is very similar…almost parallel to a journal or diary except that it’s merely online and usually publically viewable.

Hopefully, the blog utility will prove useful at Cowan Mill and it will draw interest from younger people (and older) to want to get involved in not only the I.T./Computers ministry but in all ministries at Cowan Mill Church.

So enjoy the blog, feel free to comment on our posts as you like. All church staff are encouraged to signup and engage in the blogging process.

Thanks and God Bless!

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